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An Evening with Debbie Wojciechowski, Spiritual Medium

Thursday, October 19th, 2023 | Showtime: 7pm

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Due to the potential adult content that could be discovered this event is recommended for ages 18+

All tickets: $30

Back again at the Milburn Stone Theatre due to popular demand! Join us on October 19th, 2023 for a one-of-a-kind unforgettable experience with Evidential Medium Debbie Wojciechowski, as she brings messages from loved ones on the other side. With over 20 years of experience, Debbie has honed her ability to connect with spirit and deliver clear and accurate validations of their presence. Her warm and compassionate approach will leave you feeling uplifted and connected to the other side. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the incredible gifts of a true medium, as Debbie delivers messages of love, hope, and healing. 

About Debbie Wojciechowski:

Debbie Wojciechowski holds a Master of Science degree from Johns Hopkins University.   She enjoyed a 25-year career in Federal Law Enforcement and is a nationally acclaimed and certified Evidential Medium. An Evidential Medium is an individual that is able to communicate with Spirit. This information can be unequivocally verified and is evidence of the human’s soul survival beyond this physical life.


Debbie was born and raised in Baltimore. She has deep roots in Locust Point, an area known for its role in the history of Baltimore as a shipping port. She comes from a humble background and was raised along the working waterfront.


Her metaphysical journey began at the age of 13 with a near-death experience.  Although she was aware of some of her metaphysical abilities from that point forward, she did not fully understand what was happening until she was about 21. By that time, she had lost both her parents, and then personally experienced another close brush with death when she was involved in a serious car accident. From that point forward, Debbie began a personal journey to study and learn more about her metaphysical gift.


Debbie has studied extensively with local and international mediums and spiritual mentors. She trained with British Mediums and learned the traditions of the Spiritualist Churches of Great Britain. Although accreditation is not required in the US, Debbie studied with internationally known and respected professionals in the field and obtained formal certification as both a Medium and a Master Teacher. This certification required testing under strict parameters regarding her Mediumship abilities.


Even as greater awareness and understanding of her abilities grew, she concurrently pursued a more traditional career in law enforcement and holds a Master’s degree, as noted above. Her time working in law enforcement included extensive work in the areas of mental health and grief counseling, as well crisis intervention. Debbie volunteered for more than 8 years as a grief counselor with a local Hospice. She often draws on this extensive background and experience with grief and loss during sensitive readings.


In addition to offering Mediumship Events, at both small and large venues, Debbie is committed to offering educational opportunities related to various topics such as developing intuition. She also offers seminars on topics related to grief and loss. Debbie works with select ‘cold cases’ and missing persons investigations.


 Recently, Debbie has been accepted to work with an ongoing research project at the University of Virginia for the study of Near-Death Experiences and Paranormal Phenomena. 


Debbie is committed to this work with Spirit, and is dedicated to honoring her gift with integrity. Her clients describe her as down to earth, compassionate, and empathetic. No drama or mystique necessary! She feels both humbled and privileged to channel messages to clients and takes this responsibility very seriously.







‘Thank you, Debbie, for giving me the closure I needed for so many years. You are an amazing medium and such a warm person in general. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for bringing me such intimate messages from my loved ones on the other side’   - Crystal


‘I must say last night was an incredible experience. I think I was the only one there who had not done a reading before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was very enthusiastic about coming but must say I walked away last night in total awe of you! The amount of detail and clear connections you had with our loved ones was astonishing. I held 21 years of guilt about my brother’s death and walked away last night feeling such an incredible sense of relief that words cannot describe. It was truly a life changing experience.’  - Lauri 


‘Thank you for the group reading. Had never been to a group and was pleasantly surprised at the very accurate and personal touch you had with each of us! Looking forward to another’   - Barbara


‘Thank you again for a wonderful & insightful experience. I believe your Mediumship is a true gift. Because of you, my life will never be the same. I was amazed at the accuracy of our connection with my deceased loved ones. You told me things NO ONE could have known. I truly believe you were in touch with my deceased children. I left your house in a totally different place than I entered. Because of your gift, I now feel at peace with the loss of both of my children. I know they are safe and happy. That couldn’t have come from anywhere else but your connection with them’     - Peggy 


‘It was a true blessing and a comfort to my soul to have experienced the Spirit World through you. I was always skeptical due to my upbringing and logical mind. Without a doubt, I believe. You have helped me more than you will even know.’    - Mark


‘Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us’     - Robyn



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