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Is there a cost to submit?


This festival is still in the first few seasons and we are actively looking to encourage participation, there is no cost associated to submit to the film festival. 


How do I submit my film?


At the bottom of this page there is a form where you will be asked to submit your information and a link to your film. At this time all film submissions must be digital. If your film is selected we will ask for a higher quality submission.


Are there any restrictions on the types of film I can submit?


Currently there are no limits on time, content or style. We encourage all types of film styles and variety for the North East Independent Film Festival. If a film is deemed mature in content or character we might schedule content based on types and styles when the festival is presented, but we will not be limiting the types of films we are accepting in anyway.

When will I hear back if my film is selected for the Film Festival?


All have been notified if their film has been selected for the festival

Are there certain categories that you are looking at for the Film Festival?

The categories will be announced at a later date.

Is there compensation related to having my film shown at the festival?

Not directly, we will be awarding prizes with a financial component for the winners of each category of the festival. These awards will be based on the ticket sales and donations raised directly for the festival after the limited costs of running the festival are secured.


If my film is selected, can I attend the festival?


Yes, all filmmakers who have a film shown at the festival will be offered two "festival passes" that will be good for all films. Beyond that, arrangements can be made for discounted tickets to the festival.


How will films be awarded?


We are still in the process of finalizing how winners are selected, but there will likely be determined from a mix of adjudication from the committee and from audience votes. In order to vote in the festival you will likely have to attend more than one session.   


Can I join the committee to help select the films for the festival?


Yes, please email MST's Artistic Director, Andrew John Mitchell at 

Can I volunteer to work the festival?

Yes, to volunteer please feel free to email Andrew John Mitchell at

All submissions for the Cecil County Independent Film Festival are handled through FilmFreeway










































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