Sunday In The Park With George, 2016

The Milburn Stone Theatre at Cecil College, Directors Wyatt Neff, Bethany Miller and Artistic Director Andrew John Mitchell present auditions for A Christmas Carol and The Diary of Anne Frank.


Director of A Christmas Carol: Wyatt Neff
Director of
The Diary of Anne Frank: Bethany Miller

Audition Dates & Times:

In person auditions for both productions will be held Wednesday, September 8th from 7pm to 9:30pm and Thursday, September 9th from 7pm to 9:30pm. Please prepare a 1-2 minute dramatic monologue for the audition. 


On-line auditions for both productions will be accepted until Wednesday, September 8th at 11:59pm. Please fill out the online form where you will also be directed to send in a video submission (YouTube or Vimeo preferred) along with additional information.

* To audition for A Christmas Carol (both in-person or onlineplease click here: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=ryRvh99E3UCT1bZDvBilsZreE1iuCxBOqFKD1jK3zh1UQzNFSlIyMzhaRU1EN1VDV1RRNTdDSjNUMC4u


* To audition for The Diary of Anne Frank (both in-person or onlineplease click here: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=ryRvh99E3UCT1bZDvBilsZreE1iuCxBOqFKD1jK3zh1UQlhCOEg4OU41S0pXSFJNMVNQMjFaUFNNTi4u

Note: When auditioning, please list any and all commitments during the rehearsal period – even on days not currently listed as rehearsal days. To the greatest extent possible, the schedule will be built around the cast's availability. No additional conflicts will be accepted two weeks after casting, and no conflicts will be accepted for performance dates or the week before opening.




Callbacks for A Christmas Carol will be held Saturday, September 11th at 10am, Callbacks for The Diary of Anne Frank will be held Saturday, September 11th at 2pm


Audition/Callback Location:

The Milburn Stone Theatre at Cecil College

One Seahawk Drive

North East, MD 21901

Box Office: (410) 287-1037


Performance Dates:

A Christmas Carol runs December 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12 with Friday and Saturday performances at 8pm and Sunday performances at 2pm. Please note there is a possibility of additional Saturday performances at 2pm on the 4th and 11th and a Thursday performance on the 9th of December at 8pm. 


The Diary of Anne Frank runs January 21, 22, 23 with Friday and Saturday performances at 8pm and a Sunday performance at 2pm. Please note there is a possibility of additional Saturday performances at 2pm on the 22nd and a Sunday evening performance on the 23rd at 8pm



A Christmas Carol character Breakdown

Please note: All roles are open to all actors without regard to race or ethnicity. Ages listed are approximate.


EBENEZER SCROOGE: (40-65) grouchy old miser with a cold-hearted approach to life. His kindness and goodwill are restored after a visit from some wise ghosts. Standard English accent.


BOB CRATCHIT: (35-45) An affable man stuck in an ineffable job. He loves his family, he tries to love his boss, he believes if you project happiness in the world you will get happiness back - he's wrong.


MRS. CRATCHIT: (30-45) Bob Cratchitt's wife and mother to Tiny Tim. Kind, loving woman, focused on her family and providing what she can considering their poverty. Not a fan of Scrooge. She knows how to cook a goose.


TINY TIM: (8-12) a seer who carries a disability.


FRED: (25-35) a quick witted man who enjoys being fun and playful. He likes a game, he likes a chat, he doesn't do a great deal with his time but lives life lovingly.


LITTLE FAN: (18-28) soft and sweet and clever, Little Fan is the Jimminy Cricket we all wished we had as a relative. Scrooge's sister and the Ghost of Christmas future. Scrooge is very fond of Fan.


MARLEY: (35-55) Marley – Scrooge’s former business partner. A bitter man who bitterly regrets his bitterness.


FEZZIWIG: (40-60) the most joyous undertaker you'll ever meet. Father of Belle. Warm, welcoming man - his house is full of Christmas cheer. Offers the young Scrooge work with the intention of making him an associate and business partner. Scrooge rejects this in his mission to provide more for Belle.


BELLE: (25-40) cunning, beguiling, both extraordinary and ordinary. Scrooge meets Belle when they are young and falls in love with her. Leaves her behind with promise to return as a rich man and to marry her. Belle grows as Scrooge does, but in an entirely different way.


GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST: (55-75) sinewy and clever, the first of the ghosts. Takes Scrooge back to his childhood and visits Little Fan, Belle, and Fezziwig through the years. 


GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: (35-45) They see the present clearly. They thinks they are funnier than they are. They enjoys life, which is a wonderful skill in a ghost.


YOUNG EBENEZER: (18-30) the young Scrooge, but not as we know him. Young Ebenezer is playful, bright and energetic despite his sorrow at being left alone at boarding school throughout school holidays.


THE COMPANY: (8-95) The company makes of several roles throughout the production including The Ghost of Christmas yet to come, A Nameless Boy, Gentlemen, Carolers, Caroline, Caroline’s husband, Boy at the crossroads, Violinist, Fezziwig Guests, Mrs. Fezziwig, Fezziwig Daughters, Suitors, Old Man In The Park, Old Woman In The Park, The Cratchit Children, Julia, Lucy, Mr. Topper, Ignorance, Want, Businessmen, Old Joe, Charwoman, Undertaker’s Woman, Laundress and other ensemble roles

The Diary of Anne Frank character Breakdown

Please note: All roles are open to all actors without regard to race or ethnicity. Ages listed are approximate. 


ANNE FRANK: (13-15) Anne is extraordinary in her hope, passion, and belief in the good in the world. She is self-aware, courageous, and resilient.  Outwardly, she is often exuberant, precocious and quick to speak her mind. She is compelled to write, documenting every moment and feeling experienced in the annex. These entries reveal another side of Anne: she is introspective, compassionate, and wise beyond her years. 


OTTO FRANK: (45-55) Anne's father. He is very much the patriarch and mediator of the annex.  He leads with love and strength in all he does.  Unlike young Anne, Otto is even tempered and strives for peace in every situation.  At 53 years old, he has the resilience of a younger man but the experience to recognize the reality of the world around him.  


EDITH FRANK: (40-50) Anne's mother.  She is reserved and soft-spoken.  Constantly worried about her family and their fate.  Closer with her older daughter, Margot, she longs for a deeper connection with Anne.  Although quiet, she has a bit of Anne's fortitude and when pushed, will make her mind known.


MARGOT FRANK : (16-18)  Anne's older sister.  Quiet like her mother.  More mature and intellectual than her sister.  Margot feels alone and unsure of her place in the annex.  She is reserved and respectful of others.  Very close with her mother and although they are opposites, she loves and admires her little sister.  She longs for a deeper connections to others, but does not know how to achieve them.


MR. VAN DAAN: (40-50) The head of the Van Daans.  Struggling to find his place as second in command.  He is intelligent and pragmatic if a bit harsh.  He wishes to make his wife happy but on his terms.  Wants to teach his son to be more out going and to toughen him up during their time in the annex.  Is grateful to Otto for welcoming his family into the Annex without question.


MRS. VAN DAAN (40-50) Not ready to give up her lifestyle.  She tries to view the annex as simply a new locale, rather than a necessity for survival.  She can be a flirt and Anne even goes so far as to call her frivolous.  She clings to her fur coat like one clings to their very identity.  She hides her fear of the unknown by worrying about trite things such as Anne and Peter's growing friendship of which she is jealous.


PETER VAN DAAN (16-18) The Van Daans' only son.  At the beginning he is annoyed with Anne, but later confesses to admiring her spirit.  They become good friends during their time in hiding.  He is trying to find his place, not only in the annex, but in himself.  Not sure of who he will become or if he will be given the chance to find out.  He has a good heart and is protective of those he loves.


MIEP GIES (25-35) A kind, Dutch secretary from the office of Otto Frank.  She helps hide the Franks, Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel.  Miep is their connection to the outside world as she keeps them informed and stocked with food, books, and the occasional treat.  She is kind and worried but determined to protect them.  It is Miep who would find Anne's diary and save it until after the war, delivering it to Otto upon his return.


MR. KRALER (40-50) Otto Frank's business partner.  He helps to hide the members of the annex.  Like Miep, he never questions his obligations to the Franks and to doing what is right. A dignified man, at a loss for the world around him.


MR. DUSSEL (50-60) A fussy dentist. He is the only one in the annex without family. He has little patience for his roommate, Anne, and is skeptical of their future.


Plot Summary

A Christmas Carol 

​By Charles Dickens, 

Adapted for the stage by Romulus Linney

Holiday Classic | Recommended for ages eight and up.


As miserly old Ebenezer Scrooge falls asleep in his dreary home on Christmas Eve, three ghosts appear, each revealing to Scrooge the wrong doings of his life and what will happen if he continues in his evil ways. He is racked with fear and remorse and sets out on Christmas Day to bless with his newfound generosity all those whom he has neglected and abused.“I was amazed not only at its beauty and durability, but its blazing theatricality,” playwright Romulus Linney once noted of Dickens’ most famous Christmas story. “It is part Hamlet, in its devastating revelations by fantastic ghosts, part Everyman, in its sure progression toward spiritual salvation, and part Charlie Chaplin, in its fun and overflowing good spirits.”

A Christmas Carol Is presented through special arrangement with Dramatist Publishing.




The Diary of Anne Frank

By Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett
Based on The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Drama | Recommended for ages 10 and up. 

An impassioned drama about the lives of eight people hiding from the Nazis in a concealed storage attic, THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK captures the claustrophobic realities of their daily existence—their fear, their hope, their laughter, their grief. 


As vital today as when it was first written, Anne Frank’s extraordinary diary has become an essential part of how we remember one of the darkest periods of human history. Through her luminous spirit and her “boundless desire for all that is beautiful and good," Anne emerges from history a living, lyrical, intensely gifted young girl, who confronts her rapidly changing life and the increasing horror of her time with astonishing honesty, wit, and determination. 


Winner of the 1956 Pulitzer Prize, Tony Award, Critics' Circle Award, and virtually every other coveted prize of theatre. Very few plays have moved the Broadway critics to write such glowing notices, receiving the unanimous acclaim of all the top New York reviewers. 


“A lovely tender drama…Strange how the shining spirit of a young girl now dead can filter down through the years and inspire a group of theatrical professionals in a foreign land.” —NY Times.


“There is so much beauty, warm humor, gentle pity…in THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK that it is difficult to imagine how this play could be contained in one set on one stage…this is a fine drama.” —NY Daily News.

The Diary of Anne Frank Is presented through special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service.



For More Information about either production or for additional information, please Email the Director of the Milburn Stone Theatre, Daniel Combs at dcombs@cecil.edu