The Tsar and the Tsaritsa

An MST “Original” Audio Production

Milburn Stone Theatre is developing an episodic podcast using personal letters between Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia, and Princess Alix of Hesse & Rhine. This piece will be directed by MST’s Technical Director, William Bryant. William is looking for actors to audition for the roles of Nicholas II, known as Nicky, and Princess Alix as well as other supporting characters. Depending on interest the roles may be divided into the various stages of life, and additional roles may be added during development.

MST is committed to Cecil College’s principles of diversity, equity, and inclusivity, and for this production encourages performers of all ethnicities, races, backgrounds, genders, and ages to audition for whatever role(s) they feel suit them best. Rehearsals will be held virtually and will include review of the materials, workshopping the material, then final recording of that rehearsals materials. Rehearsals will be scheduled based on cast availability. If you are cast you will be asked to submit a more detailed conflict calendar of days and times you are and are not available.

Information about the show, characters, and the process to audition can be found below:



From the beginnings of their relationship to their tragic ending, Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia, and Princess Alix of Hesse and Rhine, a granddaughter of Britain’s Queen Victoria shared a passionate correspondence and filled diaries with their feelings and thoughts. Though frequently separated from their true loves, as many are nowadays, Nicky and Alix managed to connect with each other on a human level that reveals them in their mortal forms even as the events leading to their demise have secured their place in legend.



Nicky (Age ranges from 16-50, may be divided into young, middle, and mature)
The last Tsar of Russia overcame religious differences and familial expectations to marry his childhood sweetheart, Alix. He was sincerely devoted to her till the end of his life and wrote her often during their many physical separations. Through all the political and national strife, their love remained the foundation of his personal life. (Higher time commitments).

Alix (Age ranges from 17-46, may be divided into young, middle, and mature)
The last Tsaritsa of Russia who changed religions to marry Nicky became his faithful partner through political, social, and familial challenges. Her love for her husband never faltered through her mental, physical, and political struggles. (Higher time commitments).

Supplemental Roles (ages range from teen to mature adult)
Other members of the European Royalty that played roles in the fairy tale gone wrong of the Romanovs as well as Russian officials. Please choose an excerpt for Nicky or Alix but denote on the form that you would also be interested in other roles. (Lower time commitments).



Below are the links to documents containing audition monologue choices for each character. Please choose one monologue for either Nicky or Alix (depending on the role you are auditioning for) and perform it on an audio file. If you are only interested in Supporting Cast Roles then you may select any of the four monologue options. Voice Memos or similar phone recordings are perfectly sufficient for the purpose of auditions. Once you have completed your audio file please visit the audition form, complete the questions and submit your audio file.

Nicky Monologues -

Alix Monologues –

The link to the audition form, which will include you uploading an audio file of your audition is below. The form and audio file must be completed by November 16, 2020 at 11:59pm. Casting notification will go out by November 20, 2020, and rehearsals will begin shortly after that.


If you have any questions please email Dann Combs at Thank you!

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