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Shakespeare's Hamlet

January 24, 25, 26

Friday and Saturday Evening Performances at 8pm, Saturday and Sunday Matinees at 2pm

Sponsored by Aireserve Heating and Air Conditioning

By William Shakespeare

Classic Drama | Recommended for ages 13+ due to adult content.

Arguably the greatest play in the western canon makes its triumphant return to the Milburn Stone Theatre

Enter the haunting world of Shakespeare's masterpiece, 'Hamlet,' where tragedy, treachery, and the timeless quest for truth collide in a gripping tale of power and revenge. Prince Hamlet, mourning the untimely death of his father, is thrust into a web of deceit when he learns of his uncle's nefarious plot to seize the throne. As ghosts haunt the castle halls and secrets unravel, Hamlet grapples with the weight of his own morality, torn between duty and desire. With iconic soliloquies, unforgettable characters, and themes of betrayal, madness, and the complexity of the human condition, 'Hamlet' remains one of the most enduring works of English literature. Experience the drama, intrigue, and raw emotion of Shakespeare's timeless tragedy in a production that will leave you breathless and questioning the very essence of existence.

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